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One week in full immersion in Burgundy

Burgundology offers a unique experience of the finest of French cuisine and wine making through carefully curated

7 days tours in Burgundy, the best region to discover French gastronomy.

In full immersion, you will be hosted in historical properties, eat in iconic places, participate in cooking classes, in wine tasting sessions in the most prominent domaines and visit spectacular French landmarks.

Meet inspiring Chefs and wine makers

Christopher, founder of Burgundology, will be your guide in this journey, introducing you to established and up-and-coming Chefs, local farmers and wine makers who make gastronomy a true art.

In a friendly atmosphere

From your pick-up in Paris to the last hour of the tour, everything will be taken care of for you during tour week with us.

Burgundology tours are designed for groups of 10 to 14 people, the fewer the better to enjoy a relaxing yet active week.

We also organize bespoke tours, with itineraries and schedule defined according to your wishes.

Join us for a tour and become a fellow Burgundologist !

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